update: knight-to-h3 added: “How much do you think each individual app costs in the app store?”

One of my favorite writing prompts ever, and it’s getting the Valentine’s Day reblog because of the LovePotion app… that app alone could be quite disruptive.


writing prompt #241

I’m trying to track down the source for this image. Anyone know it?

Update: ok, I think got the source. It’s from Us Design Studio




grief & loss reflection activity


strategy guide for life as a video game

[here's what Oliver Emberton wrote]

“What is it that you are absolutely sure you will never forget about being this age, and why have adults forgotten it?” – Amanda Mae Meyncke, who said this about the prompt: “Remembering what it’s like to be a kid is insanely profitable. I tell high-schoolers and college kids to write everything down because you think you’ll remember, but you won’t.”

[This is a remake of an older prompt.]

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QuestionDo you have any Valentines Day inspired prompts? Answer

Cupid Missed is my favorite:

This should probably be tomorrow’s writing prompt. 


writing prompt #223

I got asked about math writing prompts and remembered this one. I think there are a few more in the archives, but I’ll have to dig around a bit to find them.



Convince me that the universe wants to be noticed

Now that the TFIOS trailer is out, it’s probably time that I start making more TFIOS related prompts.