writing prompts for social studies / history

Best time and place to live

Minimalist pictograms


If people had Youtube in 1912…

Is geography destiny?

Instructions for revolution

Time traveling history detectives

Make a scene from history not boring

History merit badges

Modernize the Colosseum

Counterfactual history

The history of the planet from the perspective of water

Horse, cow, or chickens?

Roman Empire vs. Marines

Post-apocalyptic encounter with a historical site

Hurled into a time warp to face the Ancient Greeks

Personal assistant from history

Modern life vs. British nobility

Describe a historical city as if it was a person

Historical person on their death bed

Future archaeologists

Historical figure To Do list

Gapminder activity

Make up some history

Spartan, Viking, Knight, or Roman?

How much does your culture determine who you are?

A magic wand for a big problem

Hospitals or cell phones?

List 100 people that lived over 1000 years ago

What inventions do the most to improve the quality of human life?

What happens when everyone in the world has everything they need?

Hobo signs & symbols. Think about having students do this for a historical city.

Write the conversation that these three are having

Make a new constitutional amendment

Religion works better for corporations than for people.

People of other faiths

The next 100 years

Pick someone you know to be president.

Add lightsabers to a famous historical battle

New continent = America 2.0?

Financial supporter patches for politicians


Modern Pangea


If early inventors used Kickstarter


Hitler is to evil as _____ is to good.


The history and future of work


Civil War 2.0