"I knew terrible things."


"manipulation is at the core of our social interaction"

I think an excellent and challenging exercise for narrative writing would be to select at random a handful of elements from The Periodic Table of Storytelling* by James Harris. It’s wonderful:

[make sure to click through for the full version]

*fair warning to teachers: unfortunately, some of this is probably not quite safe for the classroom.


"a person in a place with a problem" – Cory Doctorow, from this gold mine of fiction writing advice, via my source for almost everything that is quality on the internet

“What is it that you are absolutely sure you will never forget about being this age, and why have adults forgotten it?” – Amanda Mae Meyncke, who said this about the prompt: “Remembering what it’s like to be a kid is insanely profitable. I tell high-schoolers and college kids to write everything down because you think you’ll remember, but you won’t.”

[This is a remake of an older prompt.]



Convince me that the universe wants to be noticed

Now that the TFIOS trailer is out, it’s probably time that I start making more TFIOS related prompts.


What country should fictional villains be from?

Steven Kurutz’s piece in the New York Times