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writing prompts for the holidays

I’ve gotten a few requests for holiday prompts, so I thought I’d put a quick post together with some ideas. The problem is that I don’t have many great ideas when it comes to holiday prompts, so any suggestions would be great. You can click on the ask link to send me an idea, if you have a good one. 

Here’s what I have:

Explain Christmas to a young pine tree.


There’s also this one from this set, but it seems pretty lame compared to Byrdseed’s Create a Holiday idea, which I’d recommend checking out:


I’ll try to add more here if any good ideas come to light… 


katielouiselee suggested this one:
"I often do ‘Make a case for a Christmas with no presents.’" That reminded me of this one I did way back in the day:


Here’s another from this set of prompts

This idea is from mrsstartrekkie:

"You have spent your entire life living in an area with no snow or cold or other such things; write about experiencing snow for the first time."

BIG UPDATE: John Spencer at photoprompts has way more going on over there when it comes to the holiday prompt thing. 

As per a few requests, I compiled a few fantasy prompts… but I also realize that these are probably insufficient for your fantasy-related-writing-prompt needs. So, I’d also like to point out fantasyscapes, which has some great potential for inspiring writing. I also think The Art of Animation might be worth your time. That has a great mix of science fiction and fantasy art, although sometimes it’s a bit NSFWish. If you have other good ideas, please let me know. Thanks.


Teachers: If you’re looking for prompts that are aligned to Common Core standards, I have a free set up at Teachers Pay Teachers. Basically, I’m taking some of these and some new ones and retooling them to work for Common Core. If you like those, I have a set of twenty Common Core aligned prompts for sale, and I’m sure some more will be forthcoming. Proceeds will benefit my classroom and our insatiable desire for more books (we have a probably-excessive wishlist). Thanks, and sorry for the interruption to the regularly scheduled programming.